Schönwalde-Glien, Brandenburg, Brandenburg House for Sale (2024)

Details:- 2 beautiful Semi-detached Houses For Sale in Brandenburg Berlin Germany

Esales Property ID: es5553622

Property Location

14621 Schönwalde-Glien

587,000 euros each

Property was Built in December 2018

Property Details

With its ideal climate, areas of outstanding natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere, Germany continues to be one of the most desirable places across Europe to be. On offer here is a superb opportunity to invest into this wonderful place with this magnificent property.

High-quality half-timbered house over 2 floors with a fully developed loft. As a semi-detached house with a unique forest view, on a very quiet developed road, consisting of city villas and EFH in Schönwalde (settlement) with beautiful forest view. A half-timbered house has recently experienced a renaissance, because today in the 21st century, terms such as ecology, quality, and durability are becoming increasingly important for many people.

The timeless style of a half-timbered house survives all trends and thus achieves long-term value. Ecological construction and natural materials are the basis of half-timbered construction and especially current topics today, and thus results in a healthy living climate.

The light-flooded ground floor area with a high-quality fitted kitchen and an open living area with access to the large terrace and garden, has a very exclusive natural stone slate floor as well as a guest toilet with a walk-in shower and a homeroom.

On the first floor, there are two bedrooms with panoramic windows and a freestanding bathtub, towel dryer, and additional shower. The second floor has a developed loft. Further equipment: all windows with triple glazing, floor-to-ceiling terrace windows, underfloor heating, and fireplace preparation.

Miscellaneous (see text)

Additional equipment:
terrace, garden, bath, shower room, fitted kitchen, guest toilet, fireplace, wheelchair accessible

The demand for living space (also furnished) is very high. Both semi-detached houses have temporary leases which will expire shortly. Furthermore, a new technology campus is being built in Siemensstadt (Berlin Spandau) about 15 minutes away, which will continue to provide new prospective tenants in the future. The two semi-detached houses are fully furnished. The rents are 2290 € per half including the additional costs.Both houses can always be occupied at short notice.


A stone’s throw (about 10 km) from Berlin, in a quiet and sought-after location in the district of Schönwalde. The center with shops, Edeka, Netto, post office, pharmacy, various doctors, school, kindergarten, and the town hall, etc. can be reached in a few minutes on foot. The proximity to Falkensee should also be emphasized. You can reach the train station Falkensee, by car or public transport in a few minutes, with the regional train you are in about 15 minutes in the city of Berlin. Schönwalde is a popular meeting place for horse lovers, a large polo field is idyllically located between forest meadows and game reserves, and a bathing lake can be reached in five minutes on foot.


Brandenburg an der Havel is a German town west of Berlin. It’s known for its Gothic, red-brick buildings, including the 15th-century Old Town Hall. Close by, Brandenburg Cathedral has a chapel with a painted vault, a baroque organ and a museum displaying medieval textiles. The late-medieval St. Paul’s Monastery is home to the Archaeological Museum. Nearby are the ruins of the medieval town wall.

The fastest growing region in Germany, Berlin-Brandenburg, lies at the crossroads of international traffic routes and in proximity to the centers of decision-making. Berlin-Brandenburg offers the highest research density in Germany and a cutting-edge infrastructure combined with an outstanding quality of life. Right in the heart of Europe, investors find excellent business conditions. Small towns and villages offer space for stressed city dwellers and young families.

Historic castles, country manors and gardens, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Potsdam (Prussian Palaces and Gardens), and a plethora of museums, galleries, concert halls and theatres charm and entertain residents and guests alike.

If you want to slow down and recreate your body and spirit, widely untouched landscapes are waiting to be discovered by bike, on foot, on horseback or seen from the water on a canoe, a float or a sailing boat. Visit and start planning your trip now.


• 230m2 of living space
• 960m2 plot
• 6 Bedrooms and 2 LIVING ROOMS between both houses
• 4 Bathrooms between both houses
• Stunning Views
• Private Garden
• Private Parking
• Close to essential amenities like such as supermarkets and pharmacies
• Close to many excellent bars and restaurants
• Great base from which to discover other fantastic areas of Germany
• Many excellent sports facilities, walking and cycling areas nearby
• Rental Potential through Airbnb and

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Schönwalde-Glien, Brandenburg, Brandenburg House for Sale (2024)
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