Comic Book Preview - Space Ghost #3 (2024)

Comic Book Preview - Space Ghost #3

June 27, 2024

Space Ghost #3 is heading to comic book shelves next week and we have a preview on what to expect right here…

Comic Book Preview - Space Ghost #3 (1)

Written by David Pepose (The Punisher, Savage Avengers), with art by Jonathan Lau (Agent 47, 007, Green Arrow), Space Ghost #3 continues the reinvention of Alex Toth’s classic sci-fi superhero.

‘SPACE GHOST #3 introduces the second iconic member of the Council of Doom! Weeks after the fall of Space Colony Omicron, Space Ghost has battled evildoers across the galaxy alongside his brand-new sidekicks Jan, Jace, and Blip — but when the mysterious crime boss known as the Widow offers to help stage a daring heist on Robo Corp, will this fledgling team of superheroes find a powerful new ally... or will they find themselves the latest victims of the Widow's tangled web?’

Comic Book Preview - Space Ghost #3 (2)

Comic Book Preview - Space Ghost #3 (3)

Comic Book Preview - Space Ghost #3 (4)

Space Ghost #3 is set to launch next Wednesday, July 3rd .


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Comic Book Preview - Space Ghost #3 (2024)
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